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Safe Fuel Alco gel, is a fuel which is useful for armed forces temps posted at high altitude under extreme cold weather conditions upto (-) 60°C. It is very difficult to use conventional fuels at such a high altitude. Alcogel is very safe, easy to handle, and its flammability is excellent at (-) 60°C. Alco gel fuel is used for brewing Tea/coffee, heating up food at high altitudes by troops. The safe fuel Alco gel has been developed with the technical know how of DMSRDE Kanpur. The Alcogel is available in the packing of 150 gm,170 gm and 4 kg..

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SI. No. Properties Requirements
1. Appearance Translucent  & colourless
2. Viscosity at 25°C,poise  8 ± 2
3. Burning time for 170 gm. Of gel at 30°C ambient pressure, minutes(min) 120
4. Residue after burning,% gm. 1.8±0.2
5. Low temperature flammability at - 40°C Good

Heating capacity

1. Time taken for 100 ml. water in 250ml. glass beaker from 30°C to 100°C minute; min

2. Quality of gel consumed during test  1. Above, gm





Calorific value, cal/gm; min 4500
8. Specific gravity at 25°C;min 0.89
9. Palatability of food in terms of effect of aroma of gel on food items Food should remain palatable without any aroma of gel
10. Safety Safe, should not explode during burning
11. Sound during burning. Should be noise less and crackle free


Refill tube - 150 gm , 170 gm,

Refill jar - 4 kg