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The “MINROL GREASE GRAPHITED O” shall be smooth, dark grey, homogeneous and free from grit or other visible impurities, and shall not show any signs of breakdown, hardening or tendency of the constituents to separate. In addition, the material shall also be free from any objectionable odour..

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The “MINROL GREASE GRAPHITED O” is standard precscibes for lubricating small arms and certain other equipments. 



S.No. Name of The Test Requirements Test method
1 Appearance Homogeneous, without lumps, from dark brown to black colour As per Note 1
2 Dropping point, °C, min 88 IP 52
3 Penetration at 25°C with stirring (60 double strokes) 10 – 1mm, min 300-350 IP 60
4 Moisture and volatile matter,% by mass ,Max 1 IP-61
5 Copper strip corrosion test, at 75°C for 24 hr negative IP-51
6 Ash % by mass,Max 2 IP-4
7 Oil separation , at 250C for 168 hr,% by mass,Max. 5 IP-85
8 Graphite flake content,% by mass,Min 6 IP-58
9 Inorganic acidity Shall pass the test -
10 Resistance to breakdown or tendency of the constituents to separate Do -